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New Artist!



I’m Cyrus (he/him)!!! My thing is taking a fineline, dark twist on light and dainty subject matter. Whether it’s an old family photo, an album cover, an antique piece of jewelry, or your favourite 90s archive runway moment - provide me with a clear photo and I’ll mesh my southern gothic themes into its fabric. Taking inspiration from current, trending European themes and styles, I’ve found just the right personal recipe for timeless, impactful, high contrast work! 

I’ve been at it since 2020 and started out my first few years doing a bit of everything! Though I primarily do fragmented blackwork pieces, I’m well versed in clean, dainty, and colourful. I’m a very light handed and speedy artist when I’m in the zone, so I’d love to flat rate flash or a custom work for you! 

I’ve just moved to town from out of province and am excited to meet and work with YOU!!! Come visit the Angels and meet me for a booking, walk-in, or consultation. I’m waiting in the studio shadows with my iPad and Apple Pencil… (don’t be fooled, I’m very bubbly!)

See you soon x


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