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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

What you'll need:

- Unscented Soap (we recommend Dove bar soap)

- Unscented Lotion (we recommend Baby Aveeno) 

Keep your bandage on until you wake up

Wash your tattoo 7-10 times a day, starting immediately after you remove your bandage. Pat dry with clean towel or air dry. Continue washing your tattoo for the next 3 days. 


*Washing your tattoo regularly within the first few days is crucial to healing your tattoo properly. If the plasma has a chance to dry onto your skin you will end up with scabbing, which in turn, if knocked off prematurely, will take your color with it as well as significantly prolonging your healing time.

Apply a VERY thin layer of lotion 2-3 times per day or as needed for the next two weeks.

- No swimming in pools, hot tubs or lakes

- Do not expose to direct sunlight

- Wear sunscreen after top layer has peeled (forever!)

- Keep it away from pets

- Keep clean

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