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I was born and raised in beautiful Kelowna. All through school I was constantly drawing and painting. I started teaching myself to draw at 8 years old through YouTube. Everyday after school I’d come home and create a minimum of 5 drawings. This resulted in my very own art gallery, as in my bedroom walls covered from floor to ceiling of my favourite drawings and stacks of papers on the floor up to my waist of my upcoming curations. I am super grateful for my parents for being so supportive of my craft from such a young age, and not being mad at me when their walls were covered in scotch tape. When I finished high school, I knew being a Tattoo artist would be my dream career. Any job I had, I found a way to draw during my shifts or found some way for it to benefit my artistic ways. During this time I decided to make an art Instagram to document my artwork. As I started to post my paintings and drawings my Instagram started to grow, and my hobby turned into a side business selling paintings and designs for tattoos. Many of my paintings now have homes throughout North America. 

After building a small business through my art, the right people came across my work on Instagram and I started a tattoo apprenticeship in Kelowna. Once I finished my apprenticeship, I decided to explore the tattoo community further and grow my career so i made the move to Calgary. I enjoyed Calgary and expanding my tattoo portfolio but missing Kelowna, my family and friends, I decided to move back. Tattooing has given me an even larger outlet artistically and I feel very privileged every day to do what I love as well as help others bring their tattoo ideas to life. I am very grateful to be able to work at Inked Angels with their incredible team of artists.


I don’t consider myself to be set on one tattooing style just yet. I love doing Blackwork, Surrealism, Traditional, and floral/ botanical work.

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