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   I’ve been in love with drawing ever since I could remember; going back to being a little kid and picking up a crayon to messily scribble dogs, horses, and dragons on any scrap of paper I could find. It was something I always felt compelled to do and to make my career. My mind was blown when I first started watching tattoo-based shows on television; it was an idea that never left me, and I could feel the origin of a lifetime dream form in those early stages. Although, I ended up taking a bit of a detour, looking into another art-based career first. 


Originally from Alberta, I made the move to Kelowna to pursue a certification in 3D animation. Two years honing my artistic ability, practicing life drawing, character design, and 2D/3D animation, I was introduced to my first in-industry job as an animator. After animating on multiple shows, such as the third season of Rick and Morty, I moved into a storyboarding position. I adored the storytelling element and being able to take other people’s ideas and bring them to life; but part of me had always wanted to do that on a more personal level. My mind always wandered back to tattooing. I will always be thankful for everything I learned, the connections I made, and the growth animation/storyboarding gave to me. But it was high time I followed my heart and put everything into that childhood dream.

   I began to search more seriously for an apprenticeship, and I will forever be grateful for my friend and fellow artist, Joy Nash, for introducing me to Leslie. I felt as though my life really began, making that dream come true, upon starting at Inked Angels. Leslie saw potential in me and took a chance, and I cannot thank her enough for that. She’s incredibly talented and has an eye for detail/placement that makes me want to push myself to be better. As a mentor, she has always offered a high level of respect and communication that has allowed me to grow and learn in the best way possible for myself. I’m also incredibly thankful to have amazing coworkers who make everyday seem like coming home (love you Kaitlin and Georgia).


Although I am still newer to tattooing, art runs a long history in my life and I love indulging in multiple styles/subjects. I am drawn very heavily to blackwork, illustrative, new school, and neotrad. I also really love anything black and grey with a pop of colour. I am also dipping my toes into a love for colour tattoos and how much fun they can be to bring to life! As for content, I enjoy doing anything animal-based, stylized portraits/characters, horror/creepy elements, anime, cartoons, floral/fauna, as well as script-work.


But really, I am ultimately just happy to make someone’s dream design happen in whatever way I can! Hearing a person's joy or seeing that initial reaction to their new tattoo makes the job exactly what I had dreamt about all those years. I hope that I can do that for many many MANY more years to come!

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