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OWNER / Artist

I am so incredibly fortunate to be able to say that I was born and raised in our beautiful town of Kelowna B.C. From a young age, creating art and working with my hands have always been my passion. I am so grateful to have found a career in tattooing that brings me peace and fulfilment every day. Tattooing is not just my career, it is a lifestyle. Creating a tattoo that flows with your body shape is my top priority. I love hearing all your ideas and creating something that is uniquely you.

I specialize in black and grey whipshading, linework, and dotwork, although I do love me some colour too! I prefer to work on larger scale pieces at this point in my career; arm and leg sleeves, thigh and back pieces etc. Tattooing flowers, mandalas, mendi, ornamental, and geometric are my most favourite things to tattoo. To be honest, I really just love to tattoo so there is not much I won’t do (except hyper realism, you should hit up Troy at Little Bird Tattoo in Vernon for that).

Books Closed

Becoming a tattoo artist has always been my dream, although I never knew it could really be a reality. I’ve lived a lot of life before entering this all-encompassing trade, which gave me so much perspective on how I want our business to be run. Professionalism and customer service have been drilled into me from a young age while working with my Dad for many years. My mom was always there to encourage me and keep me on an honourable path. I realize now more than ever, since opening our shop, how invaluable their experience and wisdom have been in my own success. 


I am also grateful to Darcy Cameron who saw the potential in me. He gave me a shot and taught me to tattoo, even though I was a mother of three very young children. And Troy Semkiw for all your words of wisdom and believing in me when I needed it most. My strongest appreciation goes to my husband Mike, we have weathered too many storms to count, yet you remain my rock. I would be nothing without you and our beautiful family. You believed in me far before I ever believed in myself, and pushed me to be better. You have happily, and without complaint, picked up my slack while building your own career since the day I started tattooing. My family is everything and I am truly blessed. I can’t say all this and not mention Kaitlin, the world has a funny way of telling you that you’re on the right path. We found each other at a dark time, you brighten my days and I wouldn’t want to do it without my best girl at my side! Stay weird!

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