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Moving End
of March

I don’t remember when my love for art started, but I've been told stories about my love for drawing at a young age. There was never a time I didn’t have a pen in my hand; my parents encouraged it. Although some people said I was lost, I found myself through my art. It’s a safe space I have created for myself and now I have been gifted the chance to share my love for what I do!


I was born and raised right here in beautiful Kelowna. After finishing high school, I moved out of my childhood home to a shoebox of an apartment in Vancouver. I then followed my dreams and attended Emily Carr University. After four years of working full time as a bartender and being full-time student, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. During my last week of University, I had to abruptly move back home due to Covid-19 and Canada shutting down. Although at the time, it seemed like my life had flipped upside down, I believe everything happens for a reason and I was determined to pursue my life long dream of being a tattoo artist. I found this amazing female tattoo shop with an owner who truly had a passion for what she does and has created. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. Leslie has created a safe space for artists to thrive and for customers to feel comfortable.


Leslie has taught me so many things about the art of tattooing and how to compliment the body with my designs. As an apprentice, I am open to all kinds of artwork and have not chosen a specialty yet. I love black and grey however, I am always open to do some bright colours. I can create designs big or small, but my passion lies in detail! I want to work with my clients to make something they truly feel is theirs.


I have so many people I’d like to thank for where I am today. So many have cheered me on and given me life changing opportunities. I’d like to start off thanking my mom and dad for always encouraging me to do what I am a passionate about, my clients who have supported me, my friends who told me to never give up, and last but certainly not least, my mentor Leslie for giving me a chance and welcoming me into the Inked Angels family! I will be forever grateful and I am beyond excited to see what’s to come! 

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