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Since I can remember, the pen has always been mightier than the sword.

Growing up in Vernon my love for the arts has always been fostered and nurtured by my family, and for that I am truly grateful.  This provided me with the opportunity to practice and explore many different artistic disciplines through out the years.  When I finished honing my skills at TRU in Kamloops I took a many year hiatus which allowed me to travel and experience different cultures across the globe. These adventures have influenced and evolved my flavour of art.  


After these years of soul searching I was brought into the company of Leslie who provided me with the tools. . . Literally and figuratively to bring my passion in this art form to fruition. This shop and the women in it have been paramount in cultivating a safe, approachable atmosphere that I haven’t found anywhere else.  My goal is to inspire that same feeling within you. 


I am a sufferer of nostalgia, scifi, fantasy, video games, anime or anything Asian inspired. I love to put my personal twist and flare into it.  Give me people, animals, characters or something absurd. Let’s make something come alive.

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